OEM has a state-of-the-art facility that offers clients all the advantages of a lean manufacturing process. Engine and powertrain components flow through the facility in a straight line with little unnecessary handling, allowing employees to provide timely and efficient service.

A modern, lean manufacturing facility

At 880 feet long and 440 feet wide at its widest point, engineers designed the OEM facility for flexibility. Work cells can be created to accommodate exacting work on the smallest components and the largest engines.


Cleanliness is critical in the remanufacturing process. Without effective safeguards, dust and dirt could easily contaminate engines or filters and enter the lubrication system, resulting in early product failure.


OEM teams work in a hospital-like environment. The pressurized, air-conditioned building has an air-curtain system on all external doors ensuring that dust and air particles do not enter the building. The facility also has an air filtration system that provides exceptional contaminant control.


OEM designed the facility to keep dirty and clean operations separate. Components enter a pre-cleaning area prior to disassembly, and all parts are washed thoroughly again, after disassembly. To further reduce the risk of contamination to sensitive equipment, the OEM small component operations is located in a unique room-within-a-room.

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